The Soundscape Speaks - A Remix (2022)

For 2-channel Audio
Composition and Spoken Voice by Hildegard Westerkamp
Premiere: Hessischen Rundfunk radio program Artists’ Corner,  July 1, 2023
Length: 12:00

The Soundscape Speaks – A Remix was created for Soundscape-Komposition. Aktuelle Positionen, DEGEM CD 22, EDITION DEGEM – ed11 It is based on my much longer work The Soundscape Speaks – Soundwalking revisited, which I created for the BEAST FEaST 2021 in Birmingham, UK.
Over the past few years I have re-examined the many sound recordings I have made since approximately 1977/78, when I got my chops in field recording while producing and broadcasting my radio program Soundwalking on Vancouver Co-operative Radio. Without knowing it then, it formed the base of my recording approach for many years to come. The idea of including my voice while recording the environment was there from the start and was based in the desire to acknowledge my recording presence to the radio listener. In speaking together – acoustic environment and voice – a relationship between soundscape and human vocal expression is revealed.

The sound environment has much to tell us - it simply ‘voices’ all activities - and if we dare to really listen, we may sense the depth of the environmental trouble the world is facing. Many of my recordings and compositional approaches are brought together here in a fluid stream of listening while also softly speaking my mind about issues of soundscape ecology. The Soundscape Speaks – A Remix is an invitation to open up to the complexity of listening itself and the possibilities it may offer to recalibrate our relationship to the environment.