Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and sound ecologist.
She presents soundscape workshops and lectures internationally, performs and writes.

"A magical fusion of sounds."
Globe & Mail, Toronto
  • "A magical fusion of sounds."
    Globe & Mail, Toronto
  • "There was more than just a hint of oracular mysticism in Westerkamp's art. There was a magic in those sounds.” Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle-Herald, Halifax
  • "Westerkamp's music balances a poetics of sound with social commitments that include feminism and environmental politics. Her compositions are critical enactments of acoustic space....All invoke attentive listening." Donna Zapf, Beiträge zur Neuen Music, Germany
  • "Westerkamp creates new possibilities for listening. One can journey with her sound to inner landscapes and find unexplored openings in our sound souls. The experience of her music vibrates the potential for change.”
    Pauline Oliveros,Kingston, N.Y., USA (about CD transformations)
  • "Mere words are inadequate to describe what took place when the symphony began....Waves of sound rolled back and forth across the harbour bringing thousands of downtown office workers to their windows. The Canada geese from Stanley Park were aroused and circled through the boats, honking loudly as they joined in." Ken Drushka, Harbour and Shipping) about the Harbour Symphony)
…narrative alchemy… The Wire, Issue 460

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Once Upon a Time installation

Once Upon a Time is being presented as an installation
on four consecutive Sundays: July 22 and 29, and August 5 and 12, 2018
between 2 pm - 9 pm Berlin time at
ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen.
Weichselstr. 49 | 12045 Berlin-Neukölln

More details: http://www.ohrenhoch.berlin

Read more about the Once Upon a Time here.

CBC interview, Sound Symposium, St. John's

Here is an interview I did on the CBC with Heather Barrett on July 14 on the Weekend AM show.

When you get there, scroll to minute 16:36 to the end of the program.

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