Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and sound ecologist.
She presents soundscape workshops and lectures internationally, performs and writes.

  • "A magical fusion of sounds."
    Globe & Mail, Toronto
  • "There was more than just a hint of oracular mysticism in Westerkamp's art. There was a magic in those sounds.” Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle-Herald, Halifax
  • "Westerkamp's music balances a poetics of sound with social commitments that include feminism and environmental politics. Her compositions are critical enactments of acoustic space....All invoke attentive listening." Donna Zapf, Beiträge zur Neuen Music, Germany
  • "Westerkamp creates new possibilities for listening. One can journey with her sound to inner landscapes and find unexplored openings in our sound souls. The experience of her music vibrates the potential for change.”
    Pauline Oliveros,Kingston, N.Y., USA (about CD transformations)
  • "Mere words are inadequate to describe what took place when the symphony began....Waves of sound rolled back and forth across the harbour bringing thousands of downtown office workers to their windows. The Canada geese from Stanley Park were aroused and circled through the boats, honking loudly as they joined in." Ken Drushka, Harbour and Shipping) about the Harbour Symphony)

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In Pursuit of Clairaudience - a Vancouver soundwalk with Hildi

Dedicated to the memory of composer R. Murray Schafer who passed away on August 14, 2021.

Led by Hildegard Westerkamp

Sunday, September 26, 2021; 1-2:30PM
(approx. 1 hour total walking time, followed by a half hour open discussion)

Meeting Location: By the chandelier under Granville Bridge, NW corner of Granville St and Beach Ave. [map]

Soundwalks are free, but capacity is limited. Participants MUST register in advance. If you do not register we can not guarantee that there will be a spot available for you on the day of the Soundwalk.


Other Minds is teaming up with Hildegard Westerkamp to deliver boats, trains, fog horns, church bells, and “soundwalking” to your home.

We are excited to announce that sound artist and composer Hildegard Westerkamp will be the subject of the 15th installment of The Nature of Music, subtitled The Soundscape Speaks. The event will take place on the otherminds.org homepage as a free livestream at 6pm on August 18, 2021.

Presented in the form of a virtual interview conducted by veteran radio producer Charles Amirkhanian, the evening will feature seven works by Westerkamp composed between 1978 to 2021, giving a short survey of the composer’s vast body of work. The pair will also discuss the meaning and origins of “acoustic ecology,” how sound impacts the day-to-day of one's life, the environmental effects of sound, and the role of radio in the proliferation of sound art.

The event will be free of charge and archived on our website after the livestream.

The Soundscape Speaks was made possible due to the generosity of Barbara Bessey.

BİLGİ New Music Festival 12 - Electroacoustic Crossovers Presents Hildegard Westerkamp Seminar and Concert

May 6 and 7, 2021, Istanbul, Turkey.


Seminar: https://www.facebook.com/event...
Concert: https://www.facebook.com/event...

Hildegard Westerkamp a featured artist at the BEAST FEaST 2021

Hildegard Westerkamp will be a featured artist at the BEAST FEaST 2021 along with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Chris Watson, Pete Stollery and Yang Yeung: Recalibration, from Thursday 22 – Saturday 24 April, University of Birmingham / Online. Three days of music, sound, meeting and ideas. More information: http://www.beast.bham.ac.uk/be...

New book, "Inside Computer Music" features extensive analysis of "Beneath the Forest Floor"

Inside Computer Music book cover

Michael Clarke, Frédéric Dufeu, and Peter Manning

  • Includes a comprehensive website with video and software examples
  • Contextualizes works in the computer music canon

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My workshops are essentially an enquiry into our relationship to place through listening and an enquiry into listening itself. Conscious attention to the soundscape is like learning a new language and conscious listening and soundmaking is a way of placing ourselves inside the workings of our cultures, societies and landscapes as involved, living participants.

A variety of listening and soundmaking activities offer ways to deepen our relationship to place and to explore what acoustically balanced sound existences might be. Some workshops may be conducted entirely without the use of technology, others may involve recording equipment, editing and mixing facilities, depending on the context and the focus. Soundwalks may be simple listening walks "by ear" or may also include the use of field recording equipment and/or ear protection. Other activities/actions may involve the creation of sound maps and sound scores, monitoring of and documenting a sound environment in a specific location and for a specific time span, writing of sound journals and many more actions/activities.

Not only is the focus of each workshop slightly different, but also the group of participants may vary greatly. Workshop themes, activities, length and participation are developed according to each context. Topics may range from sound ecology, to listening perception, soundscape composition, the use of music, sound design, noise, radio/media, music, silence, and so on.

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